Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A First and A Last

Well, this is my first post in a long time. Like two years. And, it will be my last on here. Please check out my new food blog


Enjoy :)

Monday, December 7, 2009

The Electric Company

Do any of you watch The Electric Company on PBS? Well, it is a wonderful show for the kiddos. I like it because it is very educational. Amelia likes it because of him........

Meet "Hector" (real name Josh Segarra). He's cute, sweet, and can sing and dance. And, according to Amelia "has great eyebrows and teeth". These physical attributes have lead Amelia to her all time, biggest of biggest, crushes. She even calls him "her handsome man". Oh goodness. If this is what 4 looks like, what is 13 going to look like??!!!! I'm sad to say, it looks like she is following in my footsteps. I remember having my first major crush around this age! This, is why she will ALWAYS go to an all girl school.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

The sweetest thing

Introducing....... Fisher Elise Glasgow!!!!! She is here! She decided to make her grand entrance a couple of weeks early Sunday morning. She is, of course, perfect, and sweet, and exquisite, and beautiful :) I was lucky enough to make it to Nashville and spend some time with her, Heather, and Noel. I gotta say, I miss her already! She is such a sweet baby!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

This is the day

I grew up singing this song while at St. Mary's and I love to see that the tradition has continued. I wasn't even aware Amelia knew the song until we were in Whole Foods (our home away from home) yesterday, and she decided to give a mini concert to the cashiers (who are like family now). She was so proud of herself as she got tons of claps and cheers :)

Friday, September 11, 2009

Ameliaisms - Part 2

A - Mom, I just spilled water on my boobs.
Me -You don't have boobs yet Amelia
A -Then, what are they? Nickels?

Hey, Mom, did you know I was married to a Doctor?

Mom, look, I'm making my Troy and Gabrille dolls "princess kiss". They're 30, so they're allowed.

Why does my heart have to beep all the time? 
I tried to tell her that was a good thing, but she insists it does it just to bug her!

Whew.... this has been such a hard day for me.... (apparently, going to school+playing = HARD)

You know why I'm crying, Mom? Because my heart loves you so much.
Makes me cry every time she says it!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Kind of like wearing a man's T-shirt, right???

I was walking behind Amelia at church yesterday when I noticed that her underwear was really showing through her dress. Hmmm, she only has pastel ones, I thought to myself. So, I asked what underwear she had. She then, in true Amelia fashion, pulled up her dress and told me that she had put on a pair of Cooper's Thomas the Train underwear!! She was so proud!

Monday, August 3, 2009


Where have you gone? Since I have been seriously slacking in blogging this summer, I thought I would catch yall up a bit!! It has been a fun summer of swimming lessons, SMS camp, VBS, spider bites, beach vacation, Amelia's first kiss, summer concerts  and of course LOTS of cooking!

This was three weeks after Amelia got bit by a spider. It was horrible! She had blisters all over her hand that blinked red. Seriously. Not kidding. I had my own little E.T.
Scooting along

This is Alex. This is the young man that Amelia decided to plant one on in front of everyone. Here she is dragging him around the grocery. He looks thrilled, right?!
Swimming lessons were great! In two weeks, she was running and jumping in, swimming across the pool, and swimming under water. I was so excited for her!!!
Mom and I before the Keith Urban concert. We had a blast! Mom is now officially a groupie:) Really, we have a poster of him now!!!
Love fresh summer veggies!!! I made a million egg white omelets this summer with homemade salsa... sooo good!
Amelia in her Hannah Montana wig
She wanted to lay out.....

This has been a wonderful summer! I can't believe Amelia will start preschool next week! Ahh!! I am ready to get into a routine though. I am so sad to not be returning to Hope. I will be thinking of you all!