Monday, August 3, 2009


Where have you gone? Since I have been seriously slacking in blogging this summer, I thought I would catch yall up a bit!! It has been a fun summer of swimming lessons, SMS camp, VBS, spider bites, beach vacation, Amelia's first kiss, summer concerts  and of course LOTS of cooking!

This was three weeks after Amelia got bit by a spider. It was horrible! She had blisters all over her hand that blinked red. Seriously. Not kidding. I had my own little E.T.
Scooting along

This is Alex. This is the young man that Amelia decided to plant one on in front of everyone. Here she is dragging him around the grocery. He looks thrilled, right?!
Swimming lessons were great! In two weeks, she was running and jumping in, swimming across the pool, and swimming under water. I was so excited for her!!!
Mom and I before the Keith Urban concert. We had a blast! Mom is now officially a groupie:) Really, we have a poster of him now!!!
Love fresh summer veggies!!! I made a million egg white omelets this summer with homemade salsa... sooo good!
Amelia in her Hannah Montana wig
She wanted to lay out.....

This has been a wonderful summer! I can't believe Amelia will start preschool next week! Ahh!! I am ready to get into a routine though. I am so sad to not be returning to Hope. I will be thinking of you all!


Molly said...

You've had a busy summer girl!
I will be sad to not see you at Hope. You better be at Keeno so I can catch up with you and your precious little girl! I hope her
year at school will be fantastic.

By the way....I am so jealous you went to see Keith Urban....way jealous!

me said...

i cannot believe it is august! what a great picture of you and gigi!! even though you won't be at school, don't forget about us! we are planning on meeting for lunch i think to help beth make it thru the first day- i will let you know the details, hope you can join us!