Monday, February 16, 2009

SpongeBob Band Aids

Our conversation :
Amelia - "mom, may I have some spongebob bandaids
Me - "sure, why not"
Amelia - "mom, can I put these on my stuffed animals?
me - "no"
Amelia - "can I put them on me"
me - "that would be fine"
(Amelia then puts them all over her legs
and then she's over in about 10 minutes)
Amelia - "mom, will you cut these off me?"
me - "just pull them off"
Amelia - " I can't!! JESUS told me that I had to cut them off"
me - "ummmm, did you say Jesus told you"
Amelia - "Yes!!! Jesus told me in a story that I HAD to cut them off with sissors!'
me - "whateva"

1 comment:

maribeth said...

well, you can't argue with Jesus!