Monday, February 16, 2009

Water Fights 101

What a fun trip!! Amelia and I went to Nashville this weekend to visit Heather and Noel. We were both super excited about seeing them. I'm not sure what Amelia liked the best - seeing Lola(our old dog), loving on "her Heather", or playing with her new BFF - Noel. While "washing dishes", Noel and Amelia started splashing each other with the water. After a few minutes, it turned into a full-on waterfight!! SO fun! Amelia was in heaven. She got to play in the water and make a big mess - is there anything better? To say she was soaking wet at the end would be an understatement!!
Thanks Heather and Noel for everything - we had a blast!!

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maribeth said...

now, that is the kind of fun you don't get to have very often at home. how fun!