Saturday, March 28, 2009

Like Mother, Like Daughter

I don't want to brag - but, did you know that I had my OWN language when I was little. That' s right, my very own. My sister, Sara, was the only one who could understand me, although she herself could not speak it. My family still likes to remind me of the words I would say. I liked adding a syllable or two to my words. Apartment became aparatment, banana became banannana, cinnamon became cinnamomon..... you get the idea. Amelia does the same thing. I can't believe how much we are alike (remind me of this when I write a post about her throwing a fit or something ;) It's is crazy - we look alike, we talk alike, we have the same mannerisms. Some of the things that come out of her mouth are just plain funny. 

Here are a few favorite "Ameliaisms" from lately :

"When I was just a little born" - when I was just a little baby
"Yesteryear" - a while ago
"Ballina" - banana
"I'm so full of walking" - i'm tired of walking
"Beauuuty" - booty
"It's too fit" - if something is too big or to small and doesn't fit
"Awe, Mommy, I won't ever hit you" - Mommy, I love you a alot
"When I turn four I'm changing my name to Elizabeth" - umm, okay??

Look at these pictures!!! These were taken when I was the same age as Amelia is now...... and, yes, I enjoyed being naked when I was her age too.....


Molly said...

Oh my goodness! Amelia DOES look like you as a child! The rocking chair pic sooo looks like her! Lucky her!

maribeth said...

omg!! i love it!! i love how kinds interpret things! i hope i never forget all these little phrasings. josh and i have started using some of them ourselves. and, she does look JUST like you!!

Southern Mama said...

That is just precious! I love how funny she is. She does look just like you!!!

jennifer said...

that's so crazy - you look soooo much alike!

Margaret said...

identical! Love the sayings...too cute!

Jamie said...

OMG, melia is a mini you! Crazy how much the pics look alike, your expressions are the same! So cute!