Sunday, March 29, 2009

Check these out!!!!

Everyone needs to go to Paige Miller Photography !!! Click on proofs to see some of the pictures of Amelia from the other day. All I have to say is "WOW"!!! Paige is super talented!! They really are just beautiful. I want all of them!!! Thanks, Paige!!!


The Dobson Family said...


It amazes me how much she looks like you! When I look at her pictures, I think back to when I was little and think it is you!!
She is precious!

maribeth said...

oh, emily, they are precious! i love the one of her peering around the tree!

Molly said...

Love the pictures!!!
I love the picture of Amelia laughing! She is adorable. Get all of them....why decide?! ;)

Valerie said...


Shannon said...

those pics are beautiful! she is such a little girl now!! i love them!