Saturday, April 25, 2009

A much needed day off

Working three jobs + not seeing enough of my sweet angel = a day of hooky!!!!!!!!!

The day went something like this :

11:15 - Pull up at zoo. It is crazy crowded and once again, I had to park in a field far, far away.

11:20 - Amelia starts begging to get her face painted. She doesn't want to see any animals until this happens. Definitely on the verge of a meltdown.

11:30 - After 10 minutes of searching, find a face painting booth that is open, which of course, is right by the entrance.

11:30 - Start waiting in line. Stand in awe of all the people......

12:00 - This women cuts in line with her five grandchildren. The woman behind me and I start discussing our options to get rid of her. Finally after five minutes of FRUSTRATION, an employee asks her to get in the line - back of the line. She leaves mad. I stay happy.

12:30 - My good friend, Ashleigh, calls!! She and Alexandra are at the zoo too!!! YAY!! They join us in line.

12:51 - Amelia FINALLY gets her turn to get her face painted. That's right, we waited an hour and 21 minutes. This face painting better be the best eva....

1:00 - Begrudgingly, give the face painter $16.95 for her work. WHAT???!!!!!!!! I am so in the wrong business. Molly, can you train me??

1:00 - Amelia and Alexandra start running around the zoo, with their faces painted. They would run up to random groups of people, pose, and wait for the "awe!! how cute!! aren't they just precious!!!"" compliments. They know how to work it.

3:45 - You know its time to leave when, the girls faces are streaked from tears.

4:00 - You know its true friendship when, Amelia's new panda gets a hole, Alexandra so kindly opens her stuffed animal to give Amelia some batting. That, everyone, is being a great friend!!

4:30 - Two BIG glasses of red wine. It was 5 o'clock somewhere....

All in all, this day was very successful!!! There is no other way I would rather spend my time!!


me said...

i don't know if it is worth $16.95, but it is precious! you are such a sweet momma, my kids don't even know it exists! of course, we would spend almost as much as a yearly pass each time we got everyone's face painted!

Shannon said...

ok that face painting is so cool! i would definitely pay the $$ for it! I love the posing too!