Thursday, September 25, 2008


This is a very exciting day.... Amelia had her first day of ballet!! She has been counting down the days since I told her last week. On Tuesday, we went to Barbara's to get her a "tard" (leotard), ballet slippers, and "legs" (tights).  Things really have come full circle. Barbara also fitted my sister and I many times as children. My Mom and I were so delighted that Amelia would have her turn too!! This semester, their theme is " The Nutcracker" - which Amelia has already seen many times. I spent all day eagerly waiting to watch Amelia experience this. My camera was charged and I was ready to over document this wonderful day!!  Well.... I was about to be let down! Apparently, they don't let you stay and watch!! I was a little in shock at first. What?? No pictures of my little ballerina on her first day of ballet lessons?? How could this be!!!! They actually make you wait two months until you are allowed to observe. Ahhh!! So very frustrating to me!! Trying to get your daughter to show you what she learned when you get home is just not the same - funny, but not the same!!!! I managed to get a couple of pictures, putting my life in danger in the process as I snuck into the hallway (also off limits) and held my camera inside the room and just pushed the button. Anyway, hope you enjoy the few pictures I got today of my beautiful little ballerina. And don't worry, in two months when I get to observe, I will be posting an obnoxious amount of pictures!!!

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