Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Little Chef-in-Training

I love the fact that Amelia loves to cook as much as I do!! I was introduced to cooking when I was a young child. My mom exposed me to cooking and different kinds of cuisine. In kindergarten, she took me out of extended day so we could try a restaurant a week. At that time, my favorite snack was steamed artichokes with lemon butter! I'm sure all of this played a big part in setting my path in life! Amelia and I try to cook something together at least once a week. She loves to help me in the kitchen and even loves washing dishes (although I don't expect that to last long!!) 
On Grandparent's Day this year, we made homemade pizza, a wonderful orange salad, and parmesan crisps for GiGi and PawPaw. Encourage your kids to cook with you - they are more likely to eat something that they created and cooked!

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