Saturday, September 27, 2008

Fun Times at the Zoo

The Memphis Zoo is great - we love it!! Unfortunately, we let our membership run out and went for the first time having to pay. As great as it is, it is also expensive. And, to top it off,  Amelia seems to want to do more of the things that cost money (merry-go-round, face painting, food, treats, etc..). So, our usual hour trip to the zoo turned into a three hour adventure! Today, we weren't 20 feet in the zoo doors when we came face to face with a giant stuffed panda. Amelia was beyond excited. I'm not sure when/ where she became obsessed with pandas, but she loves em! Maybe its because she saw 
" Kung Fu Panda"?? Literally she was shaking with excitement. After spending a few minutes with him, I suggested we move on. We didn't make it very far. Amelia insisted (i.e. started to throw a fit) that we go back to see him and that she didn't care to see any other animals, live animals, at the zoo today. So, went spent out day at the zoo stalking this giant panda. We made brief stops to spend money and ,of course, to get her face painted. I suggested just getting a butterfly on her cheek, but again she insisted on something else.....  As we walk away, I did the dreaded lick my fingers and rub the purple paint off her lips - it was just way too much for me to handle. A fairy princess with too much make-up is one thing, a fairy princess gone goth is a completely different thing. 


maribeth said...

why, why do they have to take it so far?? i am having flashbacks to that crazy mother goose jennifer hired for avery's first birthday that did a similar overboard princess face paint routine. girl, that was an expensive day!

emilynokesmartin said...

That's so funny you said that!! I was thinking the same thing about Mother Goose!