Sunday, December 14, 2008

Happy Birthday???

The finished product
Happy Birthday!!
Hard at work
Another Happy Birthday
So careful
Ahhh, Christmas time!!! It is the best, isn't it?? Decorating the house, ornaments on the tree, buying gifts, making cookies. Amelia LOVES all of it!! Every morning when she wakes up and every night before she goes to sleep, she greets all the decorations. "Goodnight tree", "Goodnight reindeer", "Good morning Baby Jesus". "Good morning Nutcracker"!! She has really enjoyed listening to Christmas music and dancing to it. Amelia and GiGi were busy making cookies tonight. Amelia continues to impress me with her baking skills. She might already be better than me :) She made me laugh so hard tonight as she would throw flour into the air and shout out "Happy Birthday"!!!!!!!! I tried, unsuccessfully, to tell her to shout "Merry Christmas", but no, she insisted (man, I use that word a lot!) it was "Happy Birthday"! In my head, she is saying Happy Birthday to Jesus.... that would be so sweet! And, I am including a picture of our Extreme Makeover Gingerbread House. After I read the directions, I was able to put it back together. Thanks for the helpful hint Amelia!

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