Monday, December 22, 2008

Making memories.... of any kind!!

Last night, some friends and I were discussing how who ever made up the phrase, "the terrible two's", must of not made it to the 3's and 4's. From what I've been told, and experienced thus far, the closer the girls get to 4, the more dramatic they become. They are sooooo right. Case in point, our lovely trip to the Enchanted Forest today.

                                                                 The Happy Girl
At first, Amelia was super excited and ran around in awe of the animals, fake snow, and lights. Yeah, that lasted about 5 minutes!!! She quickly became very frustrated and mad because I would not allow her to climb over the white fence to join the animals in the snow. Now, I kind of understand this. Who wouldn't want to go play in the beautiful snow with all the fun animals??!!! Then, my excited little angel turned into a foot stomping, crying, trying to scale the fence almost-4 yr old - girl!!! So fun, right!

                                                          Stomping my foot
                                                      Pouting face - look at that lip!!!
                                                            Trying to scale the fence

                                                                      Full-on meltdown!!
Gigi and I should have wasted no time getting Amelia out of there. But, the blogger that I am now (hahaha), had to get pictures of her, before I could carry her out of there! That's another thing - my "blogging friends" and I were talking about... How, if we catch our children doing something funny, precious, or naughty, we quickly go get our cameras. We all think to ourselves, "this would make a great post on the blog'!!! Today was no different, which I think just infuriated Amelia even more. I think we like to capture all moments... the good, the bad, and the ugly!! Because they all do make great memories!!!


maribeth said...

love the last pic! so priceless!

jennifer said...

this post cracks me up!

i would have totally done the same thing...