Saturday, October 18, 2008

Who doesn't want to be fancy at 8 in the morning???

Amelia cracks me up! At 3 1/2 she definitely already has an opinion (one different than mine) on what she should wear. I am still thinking big bows, smocked dresses, and monogrammed outfits. This is what Amelia is thinking... hair that is not brushed " I do not want you to make my hair pretty", princess costumes, high heels, and sunglasses at all times. She is quite the diva. They say pick and choose your battles... and I think I am losing this one. Here are a few pics when she won. Mind you, her eyes were barely open when she insisted she could not get up and go to breakfast without her heels, purse, and sunglasses on!!! Love my girl!


Martin Family said...

Those are the Moments when I will miss about not having a girl. How adorable.

Martin Family said...

So sleep deprived. I just read my comment and realize it didn't amke any sense. What I meant to say was
" Those are things I will miss about not having a girl" Baby brain.

maribeth said...

if my hair looked like that without being brushed, i wouldn't do it either! she is so precious! and a girl after carter's heart! we fight the same battles, too!