Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Mice on Main...

Saturday morning in Greenville, Sara and I decided to take the girls on a fun adventure downtown. The adventure was based on the book, "Mice on Main". Uncle Jeffy read the book to Amelia the night before, so she was super excited to go.
"Mice on Main” is a sort of scavenger hunt that was the idea and school project of a local high school student who wanted to do something good for the community. It is also a fun way for families to entertain their kiddos. The bronzed mice were placed in “hiding places” and the children are invited to search, with the help of a list of clues, for nine bronze mice. Each mouse has a name, and the sculptor has given each mouse a number, so they can be easily identified. Some are up from the ground, others at street level. You just never know where they will show up! I think we might have started a tradition when we visit Greenvile! Check out the slideshow below!!

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