Thursday, November 13, 2008

Recipe Round Up - Making a meal out of leftovers

Ok, so I know I haven't posted a recipe in a while. Actually it has been a few weeks ( at least that's what I was told by a friend :) Well, I have not made it to the grocery this week which is way out of the ordinary for me. I'm usually there a few times a week  - I love it, really... I  love to go grocery shopping. I'm telling ya, I am obsessed with food, even when its not cooked yet. I really wanted something good for dinner tonight, but did not want to spend an hour cooking. So,  I started thinking of what was in the fridge.... half a container of pesto, leftover roasted chicken (from my french roasted chicken), cherry tomatoes, and leftover green veggies ( a mixture of edamame beans, asparagus, & broccoli). I made a quick trip to the grocery and bought some fresh linguine. I sauteed the the cherry tomatoes, and green veggies in a little garlic and olive oil for about 10 minutes. Then added the shredded chicken. I cooked the fresh pasta, which only takes three minutes. After draining the pasta, I put it back in the pot and mixed in the pesto. Then I added all the veggies and chicken and topped it off with some freshly grated parmesan. Took me all of 10 minutes (maybe) and I spent $5.00 - not too bad!!! It was delicious!!

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maribeth said...

yummo! you make it look so easy!