Sunday, November 16, 2008

Step One... check

Items found when cleaning the pantry out :
-19 boxes of rice
-20 boxes of pasta
-13 boxes of expired pudding
-Dot dot markers
Fire Extinguisher - hidden behind everything, helpful, huh?
-Bug Spray
-A dustbuster
-And.... a hairdryer, no joke

Everything comes with a price. In exchange for me cleaning the pantry out, I told my Mom that I would be calling her out on my blog and posting pictures. It's only fair, right??


maribeth said...

poor, gigi! it is so true. when in doubt, store it in the pantry! so impressed, by the way!

Margaret said...

my mom has been begging me to clean her pantry for years....can I just give her your number?!? haha.